Is your business already using a CRM? If not, then 2022 is the year for you to try it. CRM offers many potential benefits for every business.

In recent years, CRM software has evolved far beyond being just a tool for contact management. Today, we are in the era of intelligent, integrated CRM, and the future of CRM is even brighter. As customer behavior is fast evolving, the COVID-19 pandemic made the companies big and small shift to digital operations to meet new customer expectations.

Here are 6 different reasons why your business should be using CRM in 2022.

Personalize Experience

Today’s customer is not looking at products and prices alone. Rather they are also looking for a superior customer experience. Over eight in ten customers rank experience as necessary as products and services, according to a Salesforce global survey of over 15,000 customers. Companies risk revenue and reputation if they are not catering to the increased demands for personalization. CRM systems enable you to deliver a highly personalized customer experience and boost customer satisfaction & loyalty.

Automate Communication

Communicating with all of your customers and prospects is a time consuming task. But CRM helps you do more in less time by keeping different lists and even automatically segmenting some customers into specific groups based on their purchases or other behaviour.

Organize Data

One basic feature of every CRM tool is the ability to input and manage data about your customers and leads. This lets you stay organized without having to create your own system. And it also ensures that whenever you’re communicating with a customer, you’re aware of their history so that you can more effectively sell to them.

Nurtures Leads

Nurturing leads is critical for every business and a CRM lets you do that effectively to increase sales. By keeping organized information about potential customers and staying in touch regularly, you can nurture your leads and find ways of turning those relationships into actual sales for your business.

Track Profitability

When you adopt a CRM, you need not worry about tracking your billing processes and instead concentrate on activities like strategizing on product discounts, client returns and shipping costs. Converged CRM platforms provide small businesses with a speedy bookkeeping system and can produce accurate financial reporting, which is a crucial process in the corporate value chain.

Calculate Metrics

Metrics are critical for the growth of any business. CRM software is capable of providing you instant metrics on several aspects of your business and generates reports which are specific to your needs.

CRM is a highly recommended software for every business as it can greatly impact your customer service. It enables your support staff to respond to clients’ queries quickly apart from providing insight into customer order trends, which ensures that your support staff never mess up with order-related questions from your customers.

It’s never too late! FusionHawk can help you start your CRM journey with our customized solutions and deep CRM expertise.