“Plan My Attire” is an AI-powered application that revolutionizes the way people choose their daily outfits. It provides personalized clothing recommendations every morning, ensuring users step out in style and comfort, regardless of the occasion or weather conditions.


Core Features

Digital Wardrobe Management

  • Inventory Tracking: Users can digitally store all their clothing items in the app by uploading clear photos of their garments. The AI interprets the photo into parameters such as detailed descriptions, brand, fabric types, colours, and other pertinent details.
  • Usage Tracking: The app keeps track of when each item was last worn, helping users avoid repetitive outfits and ensuring all pieces in their wardrobe get used.
  • Daily Outfit Recommendations
1.  Day of the Week: The app recognizes patterns in users’ dressing habits for different days of the week, suggesting more formal attire for weekdays and casual outfits for weekends.
2.  Weather Integration: By accessing real-time weather data, “Plan My Attire” ensures that recommendations are weather-appropriate.
3.  Special Instructions: Users can input specific instructions for the day, such as attending a formal event, a casual outing, or a workout session. The app then tailors recommendations to fit these needs.


Customization and Personalization

1.  Style Preferences: Users can set their style preferences and favourite colours, which the app considers when making recommendations.

2.  Occasion-Based Recommendations: Users can specify the nature of their activities, and the app will recommend suitable attire accordingly.

3.  Special Days: The app recognizes special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or other significant events. On these days, “Plan My Attire” offers special outfit suggestions.


 Trend Integration

1.  Current Fashion Trends: The app explores the latest fashion trends in the user’s city, keeping users updated with what’s trending locally.

2.  Shopping Suggestions: If the app identifies trending garments or accessories that are not available in the user’s digital wardrobe, it suggests these items.

3.  Wardrobe Upgrades: Users can upload full-size photos of themselves. The app analyses these photos to understand the user’s body structure and recommends new garments to purchase that would complement and upgrade the existing wardrobe.


 User Experience

      1. Minimal Onboarding: Users can quickly get started with minimal input. They register using their email ID, upload photos of their garments, and add their city of stay.
      2. Morning Notifications: Each morning, users receive a notification with their outfit recommendation for the day on their email.
      3. Interactive Interface: The app’s user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation through wardrobe items, outfit history.
      4. Feedback Loop: Users can provide feedback on the recommended outfits, helping the AI to learn and refine its suggestions over time.
      5. Shopping Alerts: When new trends are identified, the app sends alerts with suggestions for purchasing these trendy items.



      1. Time-Saving: “Plan My Attire” saves users valuable time each morning by automating the process of choosing outfits.
      2. Enhanced Style: With personalized recommendations, users can experiment with new styles and combinations, enhancing their overall appearance and confidence.
      3. Sustainability: The app encourages sustainable fashion practices by promoting the use of all items in a user’s wardrobe.
      4. Fashion Forward: Users are kept abreast of the latest trends, ensuring they remain fashionable and stylish with minimal effort.
      5. Body Confidence: The app helps users feel more confident and comfortable in their clothing by suggesting outfits that flatter the user’s body type.