CustomGPT on ZOHO Products

24.04.24 01:21 PM By FusionHawk

Engage with ZOHO Products using Product specific Custom GPTs

In an era where businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance productivity and efficiency, FusionHawk is in the process of developing Custom GPTs designed exclusively for ZOHO Products.

How are these Custom GPTs different from other GPTs

·  Contextualized for ZOHO Products - Unlike a normal GPT generating responses based on broad online data, these models are contextualized and made to focus exclusively on specific ZOHO products providing accurate and reliable information for that ZOHO Product.

·  Interactive ZOHO Assistance - The Custom GPTs are designed to offer interactive assistance by efficiently addressing user inquiries related to that specific ZOHO product. With extensive Knowledge bases of the specific Products, they can provide context-aware responses from within the specifics of the Product Knowledge base.

What is the target Audience

·  Businesses evaluating one or more ZOHO Products.

·  Product Administrators requiring daily/on demand assistance on the Product.

·  Individuals needing self-evaluation on Product Knowledge and/or aiming for related Certifications.

Use Cases of these Custom GPTs

·  Product Evaluation: Custom GPTs can assist in the product evaluation process by interacting with users to collect detailed query on various aspects of a product. It can understand nuanced feedback and categorize issues or suggestions, making the evaluation process more structured and comprehensive.

·  Help Guides:A Custom GPT can dynamically generate detailed, personalized help guides based on user queries. For instance, if a user is struggling with a specific feature in ZOHO CRM, that specific Custom GPT can instantly provide a solution to the issue based on the knowledge base.

·  User Questionnaire: Custom GPT can design and manage interactive user questionnaires within ZOHO applications. It can ask relevant follow-up questions based on previous answers, making the questionnaire feel more engaging and less robotic.

·  Mock ExamsFor ZOHO's skill upgradation path of certification programs, these Custom GPTs can generate mock exams questionnaire that are specific to the product. It can also provide instant feedback and explanations for each answer, facilitating a more effective learning process.

A Quick look at the tool

Based on the level of awareness of Stakeholders about the products, some suggested trigger questions are made available by default. For different queries, the conversational interaction can happen as is done for a ChatGPT

Custom GPTs available for the following ZOHO Products at present

 ZOHO Desk                 ZOHO Thrive            ZOHO Booking          ZOHO People         

ZOHO Sprints             ZOHO Books         ZOHO Social          ZOHO Projects      

ZOHO Analytics         ZOHO Qntrl           ZOHO Recruit        ZOHO Inventory

ZOHO RouteIQ          ZOHO BIGIN        ZOHO CRM           ZOHO Expense


For the rest, watch this space for more.


** FusionHawk’s ZOHO CustomGPTs are available on only paid versions of ChatGPT