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Augmented Reality can Elevate your Furniture Business With Visualize-B4-U-Buy-Furnitures

Augmented Reality is Transforming Furniture Shopping Online

Shopping for furniture online has always been tough for customers. It's hard to judge if that new sofa or dining table will actually look good and fit in your space just from pictures. That's why many prefer to visit a physical furniture showroom to see pieces in person before buying.

But going to stores can be a hassle - you have to measure your room, travel to the showroom, and spend hours checking out different options. No wonder people hesitate to buy larger furniture online when they can't visualize it in their own home beforehand.

This visualization problem is exactly why augmented reality (AR) technology is becoming a game-changer for furniture brands and shoppers.

How AR Lets You Visualize Furniture at Home 

AR blends digital furniture images with the real world view through your phone or tablet camera. With AR apps, you can simply point your device in any room to virtually "place" true-to-scale 3D models of furniture. You can reposition the pieces, spin them around, and swap colors/fabrics to see exactly how they would look.

It's like having an entire furniture showroom on your mobile device that you can walk through in your actual home! You can confidently check if dimensions fit, visualize the style and colors, and make sure a piece matches your home's decor before purchasing.

Major Furniture Brands Are Going All-In on AR 

While AR started for gaming experiences, innovative furniture retailers realized its potential early. Brands like IKEA, Wayfair, Target and Houzz found that enabling AR visualization significantly boosted online furniture sales while reducing returns.

Over 2 million Houzz customers used their "View in My Room" AR feature and converted at 11x higher rates. IKEA's AR-enabled app for visualizing their products in shoppers' real spaces is projected to influence nearly $6 billion in sales. And Target's "See It In Your Space" feature lets customers AR-preview furniture for delivery.

The key benefits of AR visualization for furniture brands include:

  • Increased Buying Confidence - Customers can reliably visualize if items will fit and look good
  • Expanded Audience Reach - You can sell to anyone, since they can preview from home
  • Reduced Returns - Fewer regretted purchases after true-to-life visualization
  • Exciting Tech Experience - AR provides an engaging "wow" shopping experience

Implementing AR Made

Easy While incredibly powerful, some brands avoided AR thinking it would be technically difficult and expensive to create 3D product models. But user-friendly platforms now offer affordable, seamless AR solutions.

In FusionHawk, we automate photorealistic 3D modeling of your physical furniture pieces compatible with AR visualization - no special development resources needed. With their help, any furniture retailer can quickly deploy immersive AR shopping experiences.

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The Future of Furniture Retail is Blending Realities 

Whether a cutting-edge brand or looking for an edge over competitors, now is the time for furniture companies to invest in augmented reality. Let your customers walk through true-to-life AR showrooms where they can reliably visualize your products in their actual rooms before purchasing confidently.

In today's digital era, shoppers increasingly expect the convenience of online shopping blended with ability to experience products realistically first. By embracing AR visualization, furniture retailers can finally merge the physical and digital worlds into one seamless omnichannel shopping journey.

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