Remote Support Revolution: ZOHO Assist Takes the Wheel

In today's world, where connections matter more than ever, providing support isn't just about solving problems—it's about being there for people, understanding their needs, and making their day a little brighter. And that's where ZOHO Assist steps in, ready to be your partner in making support interactions more personal, efficient, and downright human.

At its core, ZOHO Assist is all about bridging the gap between support teams and those in need. With features like remote desktop control, screen sharing, and file transfer, it's like having your support superhero cape on.

Real Results, Real Impact

  • ZOHO Assist is a cross-compatible remote access system with features and support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, ChromeOS and Raspberry Pi. 
  • ZOHO Assist integrates seamlessly with the vendor’s suite of Workplace software solutions and key third-party business applications.
  • ZOHO offers a limited free plan that may include enough tools to suit small businesses and independent contractors.
  • ZOHO Assist ensures that seasoned professionals and those relatively new to remote support can navigate its features with minimal friction.
  • Employing stringent security protocols and encryption methods, ZOHO Assist assures that confidential data remains uncompromised during remote sessions. 

ZOHO Assist Features

Interactive communications

Use multiple methods of communication, screen sharing and annotations to resolve issues effectively.

Diagnostic tools

Execute command prompts, automate tasks, manage hardware, and gain control over programs for fast troubleshooting.


Design custom templates and branding that includes your company’s name, logo, favicon and URLs.

Mobile support 

Use the ZOHO Assist mobile app for iOS and Android to provide remote support that’s truly remote.



ZOHO Assist’s customer support services are limited in their availability whether you opt for the free basic support or the Enterprise Support, the latter of which is relatively expensive.

For media- and technology-focused companies that regularly make large file transfers between remotely connected machines and devices, ZOHO Assist’s 2GB cap may prove troublesome.



In conclusion, ZOHO Assist stands as a beacon in remote support, bridging distances and ensuring that support remains unhindered, irrespective of geographical barriers. Its balance of functionality, security, and simplicity makes it a formidable choice. However, as businesses grow and challenges shift, it’s always wise to keep an open mind, explore alternatives, and ensure that the tool best fits the current scenario.